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Watch Hide and Seek Minako Online: The Deadly Game of Hitori Kakurenbo

Hide and Seek Minako: A Terrifying Game of Survival

If you are a fan of horror movies, you might have heard of Hide and Seek Minako, a 2017 Indonesian film that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The movie is about a group of former schoolmates who decide to play a famous deadly hide and seek game called 'Hitori Kakurenbo' or 'One Man Hide and Seek'. The game involves using a doll as a proxy for a spirit that will seek out the players in a dark and deserted place. However, things go horribly wrong when the doll they use turns out to be possessed by a vengeful spirit named Minako. What follows is a nightmarish ordeal that tests their friendship, courage, and sanity.

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What is Hide and Seek Minako?

Hide and Seek Minako is a horror movie directed by Billy Christian and written by Billy Christian. It was released on September 7, 2017 in Indonesia and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. It won the Best Horror Film award at the 2018 Maya Awards, an annual film award ceremony in Indonesia. The movie is based on a popular urban legend in Japan about a game called 'Hitori Kakurenbo' or 'One Man Hide and Seek'. The game is said to be a ritual to summon a spirit that will play hide and seek with the player using a doll as a medium.

The origin of the game

The origin of the game is unclear, but some sources claim that it was invented by bored teenagers who wanted to experience something thrilling and supernatural. Others say that it was derived from an ancient Shinto ritual that was used to communicate with the dead. The game became widely known after it was featured in several Japanese horror movies, such as Chakushin Ari (One Missed Call) and Ju-on (The Grudge). The game also inspired many online videos, blogs, and forums where people shared their experiences and tips on how to play it.

The rules of the game

The rules of the game are simple but risky. To play it, you need a stuffed doll with limbs, some red thread, a pair of scissors, a needle, some rice, a sharp object, salt water, a hiding place, and a TV. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Cut open the doll and remove its stuffing. Replace it with rice, which is said to attract spirits.

  • Sew up the doll with red thread, which is said to seal the spirit inside. Leave some thread hanging out.

  • Give the doll a name. This will be its new identity.

  • Fill a bathtub with water and place the doll inside.

  • Turn off all the lights in your house and go to your hiding place. Bring your sharp object, salt water, and TV remote with you.

  • At 3 am, say out loud "I'm (your name), the first it" three times. This will start the game.

  • Go to the bathroom and find the doll. It might have moved from where you left it.

  • Say out loud "I have found you, (doll's name)" and stab it with your sharp object.

  • Say out loud "You are the next it, (doll's name)" and put it back in the bathtub.

  • Go back to your hiding place and turn on the TV. The TV will show signs of the doll's movement.

  • Do not leave your hiding place until 6 am. The doll will try to find you and stab you with the sharp object.

  • If you want to end the game before 6 am, take a mouthful of salt water and hold it in your mouth. Leave your hiding place and look for the doll. When you find it, spit out the salt water and say out loud "I win" three times. This will end the game.

  • Burn the doll or discard it far away from your house. Do not keep it or play the game again.

The consequences of the game

The consequences of the game are unpredictable and dangerous. Some people claim that they have successfully played the game and nothing happened to them. Others say that they have experienced paranormal phenomena, such as hearing voices, seeing shadows, feeling cold, and having nightmares. Some even say that they have been injured or killed by the doll or the spirit. There is no guarantee that the game will work or that it will end safely. Therefore, it is strongly advised not to play the game at all.

Who are the main characters of the movie?

Hide and Seek Minako features a cast of young and talented actors who portray the roles of the former schoolmates who play the game. Here are some of the main characters of the movie:

Vindha, the leader of the group

Vindha is played by Prilly Latuconsina, a famous actress and singer in Indonesia. She is the one who suggests playing the game as a way to reunite with her old friends and have some fun. She is confident, adventurous, and charismatic, but also bossy, stubborn, and reckless. She has a history with Randy, her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her with Marni, her former best friend.

Destra, the skeptic of the group

Destra is played by Kevin Julio, a popular actor and model in Indonesia. He is Vindha's cousin and one of her closest friends. He is rational, logical, and skeptical about anything supernatural. He does not believe in the game and thinks that it is a waste of time. He is also protective of Vindha and tries to stop her from playing the game.

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Baron, the prankster of the group

Baron is played by Rizky Nazar, a rising star in Indonesia. He is Vindha's childhood friend and one of her loyal followers. He is funny, cheerful, and playful, but also immature, irresponsible, and insensitive. He likes to make jokes and pranks on his friends, especially Adam, whom he considers as a rival for Vindha's attention. Adam, the newcomer of the group

Adam is played by Shawn Adrian Khulafa, a newcomer in the Indonesian film industry. He is Vindha's new friend and crush. He is smart, kind, and polite, but also shy, nervous, and insecure. He is not familiar with the game and does not know much about Vindha's past. He joins the game to impress Vindha and make friends with the others.

Marni, the victim of the game

Marni is played by Gabriella Desta, a young actress in Indonesia. She is Vindha's former best friend and Randy's girlfriend. She is beautiful, sweet, and innocent, but also naive, gullible, and vulnerable. She betrayed Vindha by dating Randy behind her back. She regrets her mistake and wants to make up with Vindha. She is the one who brings the doll that they use for the game.

Randy, the ex-boyfriend of Vindha

Randy is played by Rizky Hanggono, a veteran actor in Indonesia. He is Vindha's ex-boyfriend and Marni's boyfriend. He is handsome, charming, and rich, but also arrogant, selfish, and unfaithful. He cheated on Vindha with Marni and broke her heart. He does not care about the game and only joins it to please Marni.

What are the main themes of the movie?

Hide and Seek Minako explores several themes that are relevant to the modern society and culture. Some of the main themes of the movie are:

The power of friendship

The movie shows how friendship can be a source of strength, support, and happiness in times of trouble. The characters face various challenges and dangers during the game, but they also help each other and overcome their fears together. The movie also shows how friendship can be tested by betrayal, jealousy, and misunderstanding. The characters have to deal with their past conflicts and resentments and decide whether to forgive or to revenge.

The danger of curiosity

The movie warns about the potential risks of being too curious about things that are better left unknown. The charac


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