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This film was Satoshi Kon's first directorial effort.It all started when Masao Maruyama, a producer at Madhouse at the time, who had appreciated Kon's work on the OVA JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, contacted him to ask if he would be interested in directing in the fall of 1994.[15][16]The original author, Yoshikazu Takeuchi, allegedly first planned a live-action film based on his novel. However, due to funding difficulties, it was downgraded to direct-to-video and then direct-to-video animation.[17][18][19]When Kon received the initial offer, it was for an OVA project, so he made Perfect Blue as a video animation.[20]Then, it was decided to be released as a movie in a hurry just before its completion.[21]This work was originally made as a video animation for a narrow market, so it was expected to disappear as soon as a few people talked about it.[20][22][23]The fact that such a work was treated as a film, invited to many film festivals around the world, and released as a package in many countries was unexpected for those involved.[20][22][23]Psychological horror was not a mainstream genre in Japanese animation, and there was no precedent for it at the time, so it would normally have been rejected. So no one thought it would be a hit since it was just adopted by chance. That's why Kon was able to get the job.[17][18][22]

L Arc En Ciel Live Dvd Downloadl

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A live action film adaptation of the novel, Perfect Blue: Yume Nara Samete, was later made and released in 2002. This version was directed by Toshiki Satō from a screenplay by Shinji Imaoka and Masahiro Kobayashi.[27]


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