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Samson Co1u Driver Free Download [REPACK]

The downloadable Soft Pre applet allows software control over the C01U's gain cell and other attributes.Photo: Mark EwingThe Mac OS X Soft Pre applet is currently available as a free download from the Samson web site, although the Windows version was still under development at the time of this review. Mac users running OS 10.4 need to create an Aggregate Audio Device in the Audio MIDI Setup utility so that the Samson's input stream will be added to that of any existing audio interfaces. Those running older versions of Mac OS X can choose the mic as their default audio input. Once I'd installed the applet from the Samson web site and created an Aggregate audio driver, I put the applet control panel in the Dock so I could open it whenever necessary, although the mic was recognised by my system prior to the software installation. Samson tell me they have succeeded in running multiple C01Us via a USB hub, which opens up some interesting possibilities for the future.

Samson Co1u Driver Free Download



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